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An encounter with God lead the founders of Global Networks to develop an organization designed to increase the efficiency and availability of the trained and untrained volunteer community.
Utilization of God-given gifts and abilities in cooperation with highly trained organizations enhance and often create better opportunities for the involvement of individuals and groups having a desire to serve the needs of local, national, even International societies around the globe.
A common thread is woven through many civic organizations as well as most denominational groups that can be harnessed to provide greater service to more individuals by utilizing a combination of these resources and Global’s Networking concepts. These concepts are designed to search out, provide necessary training and link the God-given skills, gifts and abilities of volunteers and supporting organizations, creating a greater resource base. With adequate training, volunteers have the potential to form a tremendous army-in-the-field.
Global Networks, Inc. is a 501 © 3, faith-based, non-profit organization. The founders of this organization with many years of experience in world leadership, have worked with dedication; amending formats, providing face lifts and heavily scrutinizing Global training, materials provided and products that may be developed to fit the need of other organizations. From their organizational research they have discovered the need to assist volunteers and their organizations in the design and completion of their projects and activities.
Volunteers typically are very motivated to work in areas that may have peaked their greatest personal interest. Global Networks seeks to capture this tremendous resource and utilize it in meeting needs requiring non-trained as well as trained individuals and groups. Resource networking provides greater strength from these efforts. As gaps in services are revealed, Global Networks fills the gap and assists in the formation of much stronger working units within the network.
Organizations hoping to utilize volunteers often find they must design their program activities around the volunteer's specific interest areas. It has become an art to tailor the organization in such a way as to avoid loosing direction, yet being available to meet the volunteers need. Every indication shows that people tend to group with others having at least some common interests. Many of these groups have fine-tuned their functions to provide excellent services. Even so, the degree of training and professionalism differs greatly from group to group and with each of the many functions they may attempt. Global’s intention is to be available to help meet this challenge.
Global Networks has designed a great deal of its work around the needs of local churches, even denominational organizations, to assist in the development, training and implementation of programs which meet their individual needs. To do so, Global utilizes a three division approach that includes: Church Development, Project Impact (Mission Projects) and Critical Incident Management (Disaster Response Training). The International Focus currently is on Honduras.
The task and work of Global Networks may be understood as that of networking individuals and groups to meet needs of hurting humanity in a more thorough and efficient manor.


" The Mission of Global Networks Inc, is to develop, support and strengthen networks of individuals and
groups having a desire to meet human needs on a global basis while maintaining a local outlook and a biblical viewpoint."
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