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Global Networks

Establishing Mission Points

• Site Survey and Evaluation
• Prayer Walks and Witnessing Opps.
• Program Development > Attainable Goals and Agenda
• Resource Examination
• Recruitment

Evangelistic Efforts

• Witness Training
• Special Services
• Team Community Outreach

Discipleship Training
• Commitment Examination
• Local Congregation Alignment
• Personal, Spiritual Growth
• Disciple Multiplication

Pastoral Education

• The Pastor's Call
• Understanding and Application of the Bible
• Caring for the Membership
• Handling Administration

Leadership Training
• Examining Your Gifts
• Applying Your Gifts
• The Bible and Your Ministry
• Potential to Teach

Jail/Prison Ministry
• An Effective Visit
• What is the Appropriate Ministry
• Extending Ministry to Families
• Follow-up After Release


" The Mission of Global Networks Inc, is to develop, support and strengthen networks of individuals and
groups having a desire to meet human needs on a global basis while maintaining a local outlook and a biblical viewpoint."
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